What to look for when buying land in Devanahalli

Devanahalli is a suburban area in the northern Bangalore which has gathered steam in the real estate market news because of some major infrastructure development at the location. It is one of the best residential investment spots today because of multiple reasons and if you searching for a plot in Devanahalli, for example, you should consider some of these points closely to make a safe and profitable investment both.


Devanahalli is at a distance of around 23 km from the main city and has many defence establishments within its periphery. So, it makes it attractive for defence people to buy a plot in Devanahalli and stay close to their office. Try and buy land in some of these areas so that you invest in safe surroundings and live a socially engaging and cultured life, if you so desire.

Devanahalli also has excellent connect with the Bangalore Suburban Railway Network through the Devanahalli Railway Station. Good road connectivity also makes life easier to reach the prime hub of the city. There are other public transport facilities like bus terminals at small gaps providing lifeline to this suburban location of Bangalore. A prospective buyer is bound to gain from a robust transport system running through the length and breadth of the area.

The social infrastructure aka the living benefits in Devanahalli are in plenty. There are big markets, educational institutions, reputed hospitals and advantage of modern amenities around the residential colony. When you are buying a land here, it is important to be futuristic and map the construction (to be) done appropriately, so that you get a good return on investment, if the plot has to be resold or if somebody is planning to build a house on the plot in Devanahalli.

Given the wide-spread defence institutions and establishment in the area it is but natural for apartment prices to increase here. It is estimated that the apartment cost has risen by around seven percent recently. Besides defence, Devanahalli, one of the oldest residential locations in the northern suburbs of Bangalore, is home to many IT and ITES companies too. The spurt in the residential property prices has been because of setting up of service sector infrastructure in the area.

Today, it is regarded to hold esteem value for its residents and the prices are firmly showing an upswing pattern. Any kind of plot investment in Devanahalli is bound to give good returns on investment. But one has to be careful and should only invest in a location (within Devanahalli) where there is going to be a lot of social infrastructure development, easy connectivity options and social neighbourhood amenities. Since the area now accommodates people from the defence as well as different backgrounds, there is some more action waiting to happen in the residential or commercial plots in Devanahalli. Both service sector companies and employees are expected to step up their presence here.

Author: sivadazzz

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