What BIM companies with Forge capability can offer to Revit Users?

It can be argued that when organizations, such as architectural practices or engineering firms, blend their in-house knowledge of Revit applications with those of software developers with data modeling expertise by integrating Forge, as required through the use of a specialist BIM company with Forge capability – innovations and efficiencies can occur.

What is Revit?

Autodesk Revit is software for BIM that creates an intelligent model-based process for the design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure and is used by construction industry stakeholders the world over. It is most often used by the design team during the pre-construction phase of a project.

The need for more powerful BIM analysis and reporting

Surveys have shown that Revit users may express a desire for further tools for as powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) analysis and reporting and expert data modellers with Forge capability can help.

What is Forge?

Autodesk Forge is cloud-based software that allows construction project data to be connected, through cross-platform integration with a robust infrastructure.  It enables software developers to build intuitive cloud-powered applications, services, and experiences for construction stakeholders, including Revit users.

The basic premise of Forge is that data should not be locked into silos. Through its use, data becomes freely accessible.

By using open source, Forge web services and cloud-based APIs, access and interaction with BIM from the cloud becomes possible from any desktop application, including a Revit custom add-in. This provides powerful functionality for design, visualization, collaboration, creation and use of BIM and other CAD data.

Through the use of Forge, bi-directional data exchange between a Revit digital model and a globally accessible cloud-based web database becomes possible.

It is a powerful BIM analysis and reporting tool with the following components:

  • Authentication,
  • Data Management API,
  • Design Automation API,
  • Model Derivative API,
  • Viewer Revit API Panel

Several more Forge web services are currently in public beta mode include 3D Print API, BIM 360 API and Reality Capture API.

What a BIM company with Forge capability can offer to Revit users.

The key advantage of integrating Forge lies in leveraging BIM data and sharing the absolute minimum of information required to complete a streamlined workflow in an optimal manner

Improve process quality and efficiency. A BIM company familiar with Forge can help improve Revit user workflows and establish a transparent process for customers. With Forge APIs, important data can be made accessible by creating a centralized dashboard to aggregate project data in one place, connect workflows,

Improves decision-making. A BIM company using Forge can enable Revit users to access their necessary data and add more by “pulling” structured critical BIM data and “pushing” it to other in-house systems.

Improves project visibility. A Forge-savvy BIM company can give employees, external partners and customers visibility into every project stage by enabling 3D digital model based data views. It provides a next-generation fast graphics engine that enables designers to take greater advantage of their Revit models for operations. This can stream digital models, including multi-discipline ones to the browser in real-time. It not only streams the entire digital model, but includes its associated data, in a way that end users can easily select building components in the browser interface.

Improves account accessibility. A BIM company using Forge offers customers a secure and private mechanism to access their accounts, products and data through APIs and connect them to other applications.

What’s coming next for Revit-Forge integrators

There is a growing demand for implementing web driven solutions to generate Revit RFA and RVT files. Future support for generating these files through a web service has already been announced as part of the Forge Design Automation API.

Organizations using Revit that hire a BIM company such as IndiaCADworks with qualified Forge capability, and abreast if the latest developments of it, can make business decisions using reliable, accurate, integrated information.


Author: Isabella

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