Videography tips for shooting specific wedding themes and stationery

The trend towards specific wedding themes is strong. Couples that hire your videography and video editing service are counting on you to capture the essence of their wedding and convey the theme they’ve chosen in a cinematic way. But no matter the theme of the wedding, the best videos will always be shot and produced while keeping some fundamental principles in play at all times. Let’s look at some tips that will ensure that you hit it out of the park with your clients, and continue to grow business for your video editing service.

Talk to the couple about their wedding theme

You don’t want to head into the wedding shoot flying blind. Make sure you schedule some time to discuss in depth the details of the wedding and what they’re expecting of you. You’ll be better prepared to capture the essence of the wedding’s theme, and you may be able to make some suggestions that will provide some real tour-de-force cinematic opportunities, which will earn you some respect for your video editing service as well.

Plan your shots with intention

The smart videographer knows before they arrive exactly what shots they’re going to need to have the raw material they need to capture the wedding’s theme. That doesn’t mean dogmatic insistence on every detail – you’ll need to be flexible – but it does mean that you’ve planned ahead and have a list of shots in your pocket that are essential for telling the story.

Move fast and travel light

Unexpected opportunities are always presenting themselves in an event like a wedding, particularly in the unscripted moments like the reception. Be flexible and use a rig that’s easy to carry and has the capabilities to shoot well in a variety of situations, particularly in low light. Consider ditching the tripod, except for the stationary shots of the ceremony – a good monopod is really all you need.

Avoid stilted staging

No matter the theme, it’s important that what you capture is convincing and natural. A truly cinematic look – which is at the heart of any convincingly themed video – relies on natural actions. As a videographer, work to blend into the background and don’t push yourself into scenes when it’s not necessary. Your video editing service will get the best, most natural footage this way.

Look for creative and beautiful shots

Beyond the “must have” shots of the ceremony and others, experiment with camera angles, settings, and moves that will lend beauty to the video you’re creating for your clients. Of course, remember the theme for the wedding. If it’s an outdoor or beach theme, concentrate on shots that capture the natural beauty of the venue. If it’s a formal affair, look for creative shots that capture architectural or other details that reinforce this theme.

Capture emotions

At the heart of every wedding and wedding theme is the people who are there and how they react to the events of the day.  Avoid simply sticking your camera in someone’s face. Learn to work unobtrusively by anticipating reactions and having you camera ready to quickly swing in on the subject’s face. You’ll get some great shots that will really help you tell the story of the wedding theme.

Be ready for anything, and have the gear you need to capture it

Experience will often be your best guide as to what equipment works for you. But as a rule, the days of static and obtrusive video rigs intruding on the ceremony and the other elements of the wedding are in the past. Read reviews and get the advice of others who make their living with a wedding video editing service. Adopt a minimalist approach and you’ll have the flexibility to go where the action is without interrupting it.

Your video will tell the story

Remember that your video editing service isn’t at the wedding just to capture footage. Work with the bride and groom to understand their story and wedding theme, then shape your story from your understanding of that. Do this, and you’ll be a success in giving them the video they want.

Author: Isabella

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