How To Travel On A Budget And Make Money While Traveling – It Is Possible!


There is a common misconception that travelling is a pricey hobby, which is completely untrue. Sure, a summer vacation can be pricy, because you wish to go to a particular location and experience the quality nightlife, but this is not the same as travelling.

Exotic locations, vacation season, parties and hotels, these are the things that cost a lot and that significantly impact how much you spend. Travelling itself can be quite cheap and affordable, plus it can help you earn money, which is another benefit people rarely explore. Here we will examine how to travel for a cheaper price and how to make money as a traveler.

Last minute offer


If you plan to travel to all sorts of places you have never visited before, then the order in which you visit them is not a relevant factor. This is why you can always visit a location that is available as the last minute offer.

Travel agencies and airline companies will always reduce the price for travel arrangements when they want to fill their capacity, and this is when you must act quickly and book your flight or travel arrangements.

Alternatively, booking way ahead or months before an actual flight can also allow you to get a plane ticket at a much lower price.

Sharing economy

You don’t need to stay at a hotel or hostel when you go abroad, you can easily find cheaper accommodation. You do not even need any special contacts to do so, all you need is an app like Airbnb. You can ascertain the quality of a place based on reviews, and you also get to choose available location based on your own price range.

Do your research on public transport

Usually the cheapest way to get by in a foreign country is by subway, but there might be better or more convenient options, depending on the place you visit. Before you travel, just make sure you do your research and calculate how much it will cost you to commute and what the best way to do so is.

Travel photography


While travelling, you can bring your camera and take pictures of monuments, beautiful sights in nature, wildlife, urban life etc. Travel photography can be easily sold online, since people need it for their travel agencies, magazines, websites, blogs etc. Just make sure you have your equipment and that you do a fine job editing those photos, and you will easily be able to sell them online. Image stitching services by Smartphotoeditors.

Travel blogging 

You can also be a blogger who writes about the locations or creates guides when visiting locations, which can help you make money in various different ways. You can get a job as content writer for websites or agencies that need travel articles. You can also create your own blog and start working on becoming a niche influencer, or you can create guide books and sell those as well.

Fruit picking

When backpacking through certain places, for example Australia, it is not uncommon to earn extra cash by picking fruit. You usually get paid per kilo of the fruit picked, or you can also get free accommodation instead of payment, both options can work out really well.

These were some tips on how to save money on travel expenses, as well as how to actually earn money while you are away. If you love to travel, make sure you put these suggestions to good use.

Author: Isabella

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