How to Make Your Wedding Video Extra Special


A wedding is always a special and emotional occasion, which is precisely the reason why wedding videos are a crucial tool for preserving those memories forever. During the wedding excitement and hustle of handling guests, in addition to following the wedding plan, make the time go by so quickly that you’re left with just a happy blur and overwhelmed newlyweds.

But a few days later when they get their footage they also get a chance to see every endearing moment that embellished the couple’s unique wedding story. However, there is always a way to make a wedding video extra special or more movie like. And it all starts with wedding plans and the perfect choice of a wedding videographer. So what are the tricks to enhance the beauty of the wedding footage?

Wedding Theme


In order for a wedding to be truly unique and different from others, the first rule is to pick a theme. To do so, consider the characteristics that make you and you are beloved perfect for each other. What do you both love and share unconditionally?

All of this is defined by your one-of-a-kind style and taste in music, design, clothes, food, and so on. Being original means being free to do what you love. Therefore, brainstorm and find a theme built on your common activities and desires.

What about the Venue?

Where will your wedding theme work the best? Restaurants are the usual choice, but what is so special about it? The venue should go along with the theme like two peas in a pod. One popular idea is to rent a resort and make a wedding day into a fun weekend party for everyone to enjoy.

Consider the advantage of the outdoor wedding in nature and whatever you do, be creative when it comes to décor. From drapes to flowers, everything needs to be in place, so go on a scavenger hunt or inform the planner to be on a lookout.

Selecting the Right Video Vendor


Another important rule to remember is – don’t be cheap when choosing a videographer! If you really want the best wedding video you have to give something in return. Nonetheless, once you begin with the videographer search, look for a professional who suits your style the most.

Similarly to choosing a photographer, the right videographer is equally important and deserves the same treatment. Look for reviews, recommendations, and don’t be afraid to ask for samples of their work.

Additionally, try to get the most of the contract. Meaning the video packages range from as low as $585 to as high as $1,510 and over. The main reason some are more expensive is due to a second cameraman (variety of shots from different perspectives), venue shooting time, and the video editing process.

The process of editing is crucial for the mesmerizing wedding video creation. While some videographers do the process themselves, some decide to outsource this procedure to outsource creative editing companies to complete the procedure.

Since they will definitely charge the service either way, if you want to cut costs, but still get the most out of the wedding video, try to get a better deal of the two videographers and a raw wedding video which you can later pass onto these successful companies to process.

Paying attention to details is what makes a difference between a great wedding and a sensational one. On the other hand, a videographer who understands what you are trying to accomplish is a huge asset regarding the final look of your wedding video. If you want that “wow” factor, everything must be on point, including the editing that will amplify the wedding video value and make it immortal.

Author: Isabella

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