How to Make your Wedding Flower Pop in Photoshop

dreamstime_m_22167965 Weddings are not easy to get right, especially when it comes to the huge selection of beautiful flowers that some people pay for. While you don’t want to spend all your time taking pictures of them having plenty of good shots of the different types of wedding arrangements that are there will make the bride happy, and justify what they paid for them. The key with photographing flowers comes with two things – the close up and the framing.

Start by framing your shot – do you want something super close and specific or do you want something that shows the flowers in reference to the venue, the bride etc. Some of the most popular types of wedding arrangement pictures are close ups with the rings, or close ups with the bride’s hand with her rings and the flowers. Other favorites include the flowers on the table, the centerpieces if they’re floral or the pieces at the ceremony.

Start with Saturation


Good flower photos have one of two things – they’re either very colorful or a dramatic black and grey. When it comes to wedding flowers they’re often a beautiful pale tone which is harder to replicate in pictures. You’ll want to make sure they look realistic rather than garish so if they’re supposed to be a pretty pastel stick with pastel rather than trying to get creative and make them garish. If you’re turning your image black and white don’t forget to play with the siders for the colors so you can determine the right level of dark/light so that you can get the right gradient.


Be sure to adjust the contrast and the brightness properly. You want both your colors and your black/white gradients to be smooth. Weddings are vibrant affairs but you don’t want to make your flower photos too contrasted. You want to have a good gradient with your colors and don’t go too contrasted especially with your black and grey. You want to maintain a good level of grey tone too.

Wedding pictures should be bright and happy no matter what types of wedding arrangements you’re doing.



When you’re adjusting saturation and brightness you’ll want to be careful with your white balance. Wedding photos (wedding photo editing) should be warm unless you’re shooting a winter wedding. If you are shooting a winter wedding make sure you warm up the skin tone if you do have hands or people in your frame even if the flowers are cool colors.



Your background needs to be either very dark very bright or very plain. If you’re focusing on the types of wedding arrangements you need to make sure they are the front and center of your frame. Your background may need some adjusting either through cloning, healing, or simply cropping out things you don’t want to see. This could be guests wandering through the back of your shot, spots on the flowers that might not be perfect, or just fading things out to light or dark. This can be quite hard, and it’s usually where you can spot bad editing.

In fact, poor editing can ruin even the best wedding photos which is why most photographers delegate their editing to a professional editing service. It saves them time and they know that their photos are going to be perfect. By hiring professional editors to for your types of wedding arrangements photos you won’t need to worry about getting any of these things right because you know they will be perfect, all you have to do is take the photos!

Author: Isabella

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