How the Right Videographer Can Make Your Wedding Extra Special


You want your wedding to be your special day, and you’ve worked hard doing the planning that’s involved. You’ve thought of everything, from the ceremony to the cake, from the favors to the flowers. But how much thought have you given to the one person who you’re hiring to capture the moments on tape, and create a lasting cinematic memory for you and your spouse?

The wedding videographer has an important role. How they capture the day will be one of the longest lasting mementoes of your special day. Long after the flowers have dried out, and the gown packed into mothballs, his or her work will be an important part of remembering how extra special this day has been. Here are some of the ways you’ll know you’re talking to the right videographer when you’re working on picking the right person.

The right videographer will take the time to understand your wedding plan and theme


You don’t want a cookie cutter approach to videography and video editing from your videographer. You’ve probably taken a lot of time to create your wedding theme, and have made very specific plans for how the day will unfold. The right videographer will sit down with you and listen to your plans and ideas. Being a professional videographer, and skilled in video editing, they’ll probably have some suggestions about how they can best capture the scene on video. You should be able to have a free-ranging and honest discussion with him about how the day will play out and how he will capture the moments.

The right videographer will check out the venue for the wedding with you


You’ve taken the time to carefully select where the wedding and reception will be held. The right videographer will go to the venue with you so they can appreciate the flow of events and look for the best cinematic opportunities. This will be a great opportunity for him to offer suggestions that can improve the potential impact of the video as well. Be sure that both you and he understand each other’s ideas and discuss them frankly and openly.

The right videographer will collaborate with you on the plan for the video

Getting the rights shots is one part of the videographer’s job – and an important one. But video editing is where the raw footage is turned into a story. In planning your wedding, you’ve probably looked at many wedding videos for ideas. You’ve probably also seen videos, or portions of videos that you like to see adapted for your video. The right videographer will work with you to create an outline for the video so that you’re sure all the different elements you want to see in your video are successfully shot and put in when the videographer does the video editing.

The right videographer will clearly lay out all the associated costs for the video

All the planning you do for your wedding video will leave a sour taste in your mouth if you get a bill from the videographer that is out of line with what you were expecting to pay. The right videographer will clearly lay out the costs of the video as you do all the planning. Everything from time spent at the wedding to video editing will be accounted for so there won’t be any surprises to ruin the memory of an extra special day.

The right videographer will share his preliminary edits with you

You don’t want to simply receive the completed video of your wedding, sight unseen, and with no opportunity for feedback. The right videographer will take time while doing the video editing to send you preliminary and rough cuts of key sequences, to ensure that you’re satisfied and happy with the work he’ll be sending you.

Author: Isabella

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