Five reasons for choosing a videographer from the destination chosen for a Destination Wedding!

There’s no doubt that the destination wedding is rapidly increasing in popularity among couples who are ready to take their vows. There are many advantages to the destination wedding, including smaller guest lists, more family and friend time, and less time dealing with the planning involved in a local nuptials. And then there’s the fun factor. You’ll be able to effortlessly move from the wedding into enjoying all that the resort and the surrounding areas offer.

You’ll want to be sure to capture the wedding on video, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a well-qualified and professional wedding videographer on hand. But not to worry – the smart way to go is to choose a videographer from the destination you’ve chosen. Here are five reasons why.

Saving money on wedding expenses

This is one of the most basic and perhaps most powerful reasons to go with the local video editing company. First, remember that it costs money to get to your destination wedding venue, and it will cost money to stay there. A local videographer, no matter how skilled, will come with a big cost premium built in by the time you supply an airline ticket and lodging. That’s not a problem with a local video editing company.

Secondly, resorts that host destination weddings will often have a videographer associated with them whose price is worked into the destination wedding packages they offer. This is important enticement, and one that you should definitely take advantage of.

Simplifying your logistics

Not only will you incur more expenses in hiring your local videographer and transporting them to the wedding, there are some very practical logistical concerns that make choosing them over a local video editing company an impractical idea. Your local videographer will need to transport their equipment, as well as block out extra travel time in their shooting schedule to accommodate you. No such problem for the videographer associated with your destination wedding venue.

You can’t beat local knowledge

One of the reasons you’ve chosen your destination wedding venue is for the scenic possibilities. Whether you’re tying the knot on a sunset beach, an ancient castle, or a scenic overlook, you’ll want to be sure that you incorporate the location and the scenery into your wedding and your video. A destination video editing company and videographer have shot footage at your venue multiple times. They’ll know the best places to place their cameras, no matter the season or time of day, and they’ll know all the best ways to bring the scenery to life and make it part of your wedding video.

Peace of mind

You’ll have a lot on your mind in the days leading up to your wedding. Travel arrangements, outfits, and more will be at the front of your mind. Fortunately for you, most resorts that host destination weddings have full-time staff on hand devoted to helping you and other couples who are traveling to them for weddings. They’ll not help with the nuts and bolts of the day, but they have excellent local contacts for all your wedding needs. Of course that will include videographers and video editing company resources. You can rest assured the people they recommend have satisfied many other couples before you.

Something special to remember the day

Remember why you chose to have a destination wedding? You wanted something special – something that would create memories to last a lifetime, while reflecting your style and your taste as well. One of the best ways to always be able to tap into those special feelings will be to have a well-made and produced video of your ceremony. Using the videographer and video editing company associated with the wedding venue ensures that you’ll have an experienced pro at the helm, making sure that you’ll get the video you want.

Author: Isabella

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