Blackview bv7000 pro real tough test in Nepal

Hi, everyone. Planning to buy Blackview bv7000 pro or other new Blackview model? I think it will be interesting for you how my bv7000 survived 3 weeks in Nepal with rafting, pool swimming, hot spring swimming and subzero temperatures.

First glance at the phone

I was waiting for it like a baby for candy 🙂 My old Mi4i was serving me good for 3+ years. So I wasn’t scared to have one more Chinese phone. But it was first rugged mobile for me and I didn’t know what to expect.   When it arrived I was

And here you go – the final day it arrived 🙂 After unpacking I was a little bit shocked how big it is. It didn’t look  that big on youtube videos or gearbest page. My mi4i was 5.15 inch and this one suppose to be just 5 inch. So I expected it to be little bit bigger than my old mi4i. But trust me it’s big. I compared my friends iphone 7 plus and it’s exactly the same size. So you can count for 5.5 inch phone. And it is twice as thick as iphone 7 plus.

Now the good things 🙂 Because of the form it sits very well in hand. It doesn’t slip out like iphones do. And it’s beautiful. At least for me 🙂 Everyone looks at it like it’s some kind of posh gold plated phone 🙂 But then you go swimming with it and all jaws opens wide 🙂




Author: ernasx

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